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Ashburton Endodontics

About Us


Conveniently located in Ashburton, 12km southeast of Melbourne's Central Business District, we have been providing our patients with the very best in compassionate, holistic and expert endodontic treatment and management for over 25 years.


With easy access by public transport as well as ample on-site parking, our recently refurbished surgery also has on site-advanced 3D CT-Scanning and dental laser technology

Our services Include:

  • Endodontic treatment and retreatment

  • Single-Visit Endodontic treatment (if appropriate)

  • Dental Pain Diagnosis

  • Endodontic Microsurgery

  • Dental Trauma Management

  • Management of Invasive Resorption

  • Assessment of Dental Cracks and Fractures








What is an Endodontist?

An Endodontist is a dentist who has undertaken further advanced training to treat irreversible disease of the dental pulp - the soft tissue deep inside the tooth (sometimes referred to as the nerve).  When this tissue becomes diseased, it can cause pain and further injury to the surrounding tissue. In some cases  it can lead to serious complications that can result in hospitalization. Corrective therapy of irreversible disease of the pulp is what is typically known as  root canal or endodontic  treatment. Endodontists are specialists in providing root canal treatment.


For a dentist to  become an Endodontist typically requires two or more  additional years of post graduate study including the completion of  Masters thesis and practical sessions  focusing on the use of advanced equipment to provide the highest standard of care in the field of Endodontics.





Dr Emanuel Plataniotis

Dr Plataniotis graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Science from the University of Melbourne in 1993 and completed his specialist training in 1998. In 2002 he established Ashburton Endodontics where he has practiced exclusively since. 


Up until recently, Dr Plataniotis was a supervisor at the Dental School at the University of Melbourne where he enjoyed sharing his skills and knowledge. He is a well regarded and engaging speaker presenting regularly on the very latest and most advanced topics. He is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Endodontists, American Association of Endodontists and the Australian Dental Association.


In his spare time, Dr Plataniotis enjoys keeping fit and following the AFL.






Why see an Endodontist?

Root canal treatment (Endodontic treatment) can be a complex procedure and an Endodontist will provide the best possible outcome for your tooth.


A high standard of care requires the use of specialized equipment. The dental pulp is housed deep inside the tooth within what is know as the root canal system. It can be microscopic in size and requires advanced equipment to visualize it and to treat it. Three dimensional imaging for diagnostic purposes and the provision of comprehensive treatment is now the standard of care.


Endodontist's have the necessary equipment and the expertise to provide the best possible care for your tooth. We are seen as the experts in saving teeth. 


Endodontist's limit their practice solely to root canal treatment so we are very efficient and precise in providing a course of treatment, which equates to positive experiences and better long term results.


Before any treatment is provided, your tooth will be carefully examined and a treatment plan discussed with you in detail. Costs will be discussed including those required later to reinforce or protect your tooth after root canal treatment has been completed.  Reinforcing your tooth may be critical to obtain an optimal long term result.


About Us


Root Canal Treatment


Cleaning and sealing the space deep within the tooth that contained the dental pulp.  Treatment is usually completed over two visits, but in some cases it can be completed in one visit.

Revising Previous Treatment

Providing a new course of care for a tooth that has received previous root canal treatment.


On-site Advanced Technology
3D imaging of the tooth

Laser treatment of the root canal system with the Fotona Light Walker 


Second Opinion


If your dentist is to remove your tooth you can seek a second opinion on whether the tooth can be saved.

Endodontic Microsurgery


Utilizing microsurgery to help save a tooth by removing diseased tissue outside the tooth root that developed due to infection.


Expert management of teeth that have been injured.

Our Services


Our Address

284 High Street

Ashburton Vic 3147

(Crn of Samarinda Avenue)

Telephone: 9885 1907

Facsimile: 9885 1906


Our Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday   08:00AM – 06:00PM

Friday 09:00AM - 05:00PM

Same-day Emergency Appointment Availability 


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